Welcome to small town crèche. We hope you enjoy using our service. You can relax knowing your children are being cared for by experienced staff, having fun, and learning in a safe environment. Crèche is managed by Outback childcare, a program sponsored by RICE and based in Port Augusta. 
The crèche is held at Orroroo on Mondays and Hawker on Fridays from 8.45am to 3.30pm, throughout the school term. RICE in conjunction with Outback Childcare has an agreement with the Hawker and Orroroo childhood services for use of the buildings and facilities.

Outback Childcare is funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. Both crèches are staffed to care for up to four children aged 6 months to 24 months. Five children aged 25 months to 35 months and 11 children aged 36 months to school age. Bookings for crèche need to be made each week to ensure equality of access for all families. Parents can book their child in the day after crèche from 9am; they must speak to a staff member at the RICE office to confirm the booking. Parents can only book their own children in
Bookings can be made by calling the RICE/Outback Childcare office on 1800 631 301 or 8642 4477.

Bookings cannot be taken via text, internet, email or the answering machine. Cancellations can be made by phoning the RICE/Outback childcare office by 5pm the day before the crèche to allow for any staff changes and to update the waiting list. The crèche is provided by RICE’s Outback Childcare program under a babysitting licence. It is a condition of this licence that a fair and equitable service will be provided. Therefore RICE does not provide priority or standing bookings. Crèche is provided free of charge however donations are accepted and appreciated.  Children must be collected by closing time so staff can clean up and finish at a timely hour.

What to bring

A packed healthy lunch and snacks All baby foods and formula (not made up) Water bottle Change of clothes/nappies/wipes Hat All of these items must be labelled with the child’s name (including bag). DONOT BRING NUTS or NUT PRODUCTS.


Children learn and grow best in a safe and caring environment. Staff will use the routines, planned activities and child initiated play as learning experiences. Routines include time for group and individual play, eating, sleeping, toileting and packing up. Planned activities will include times for problem solving skills, creative and imaginative play, music, stories and fun. Staff will support and challenge children through high quality interactions. Our program is based on the Early Learning Years Framework. Please refer to the parent handbook for further information. If you have any questions please talk to our staff, crèche team leader or the Outback Childcare Operations Manager.

Remote crèches are available for community events such as workshops, training and meetings.